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Simon Payne - International Spatial Planning Consultant

Lambsquay Consulting of Cambridge Limited offers experienced advice and support by Chartered Town Planner Simon Payne.


Simon has worked in Local Government for over 40 years in the UK, most recently as Director of Environment at Cambridge City Council. Simon specialises in project management, policy planning and local plans. Assignments can be flexible, project based or interim cover for a fixed term.

Conferences, Training Events and Public Speaking

Lambsquay Consulting of Cambridge Limited offers a range of presentations and lectures on a range of issues which can be tailored to suit your needs. 


Topics include:

  • Shaping Smart Cities and Future Cities to Benefit all Communities
  • Environmental Leadership and Smart Cities
  • New Opportunities to Engage Citizens in Decision Making

Planning for Smart Cities and Future Cities

The rate of technological change in the last 30 years since the advent of the commercial internet has been phenomenal. It is expected that the pace of change will accelerate even faster over the next 30 years. 


Lambsquay Consulting of Cambridge Ltd specialises in envisioning future technological change from a spatial planning perspective and identifying how policy makers can respond to this challenge to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions.


Simon Payne

Director of Lambsquay Consulting of Cambridge Limited

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Spatial Planning Consultancy


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